Enough is Enough.

To: Governor Gavin Newsom; Michael Picker, President of the California Public Utilities Commission; and Elizaveta Malashenko, Director of California Public Utilities Commission Safety and Enforcement Division

We the people,

Taking into consideration the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires in California despite public management and citizen efforts,

Deeply disturbed by the correlation between Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) infrastructure failures and the instigation of devastating fires,

Alarmed by the lack of accountability, financial liability, and legal consequences enforced on PG&E, even when fault has been admitted, as in at least a dozen fires in California this year,

Having examined the events that led to the most deadly fire in United States history, the Camp Fire, wherein PG&E detailed an outage near Camp Creek Road on the Caribou-Palermo 115kV transmission line in Pulga, CA, occurring at approximately 0615 hours in a report to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and a second outage on the Big Bend 12kV distribution line in Concow, CA, at 0645 hours on November 8, 2018,

Noting that residents of Pulga, CA, were contacted by PG&E on November 7, 2018, requesting property access to address sparking power lines, but where the issue was never fixed,

Noting further that residents of Paradise, Magalia, Butte Creek Canyon, and other areas received notices from PG&E on November 7, 2018, that power might be shut off to the region due to an expected Red Flag Warning indicating extreme fire danger within 24 hours, but where the power was never shut off,

Emphasizing that CalFire subsequently reported the Camp Fire at 0633 hours on November 8, 2018, at the location on Camp Creek Road that PG&E had indicated in their report to CPUC in Pulga, CA,

Deeply regretting the Camp Fire incinerated the communities of Pulga, Concow, Paradise, Butte Creek Canyon, Magalia, parts of Cherokee, and the east side of Chico, CA,

Acknowledging that hundreds, possibly thousands, of lawsuits are anticipated against PG&E for their role in the Camp Fire,

Recalling that Butte County conducted a feasibility study for Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) popout.png for the county of Butte, city of Chico, and town of Paradise, in which the study concluded that if CCA were implemented, it would allow the county to easily transition to local control over energy management and decision-making to address region-specific safety needs,

Further recalling that Community Choice Aggregation would provide customers with an initial 2% in savings, approximately $4 million in regional savings, according to the study,

1.    Call upon the governor, governor-elect, and CPUC to end Butte County’s utility contract with PG&E;

2.    Request the immediate implementation of Community Choice Aggregation in order to provide local control and oversight in Butte County as an alternative to rebuilding the infrastructure that was destroyed in the 2018 Camp Fire;

3.    Oppose any long-term energy infrastructure rebuilding activities led by PG&E within the footprint of the Camp Fire;

4.    Approve the exploration of alternative energy infrastructure for Butte County, including cleaner, safer renewable energy options;

5.    Condemn PG&E’s practice of passing on settlement costs to customers for fires in which they are liable and demand that PG&E be barred from doing so for any settlements that arise as a result of the Camp Fire;

6.    Endorse CalFire to submit a request to the District Attorney for a criminal investigation against PG&E for their role in the Camp Fire.

  • #FirePGE